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Q&A: How A/V Intersects with Health Care
Healthcare is at the frontier of A/V technology, but it’s also a thicket of regulations that can impact its deployment. Rich Mullen, a CTS at Vistacom, in Allentown PA, discusses some of what A/V integrators and you need to be aware of in this complex market.

Frost & Sullivan Report: Videoconferencing Market Is Shifting Towards Software
Research firm Frost & Sullivan's data points to the same conclusion. According to the 2012 Analysis of the Global Videoconferencing Infrastructure Market report, "software-based infrastructure components and cloud-based services are expanding the addressable market." Frost & Sullivan expects sales of these lower-cost options to sustain market revenue growth in the mid to long term.

6 Tips for Integrating A/V Technology in the IT Network
AV over IP requires the blending of two departments, each with its own culture and priorities. This article helps you identify the trouble spots and offers some solutions.

Coping with A/V Installation Project Management
Managing your A/V project, whether an upgrade or a new installation, means you have to know exactly who is performing what task and when. A clear schedule and knowledge of what people will do during the project is key to a smooth installation.

Robotic Telemedicine Lets an Offsite Doctor Move from Room to Room
Robots from Vgo Communications and iRobot allow the clinician to visit patients who are home. These machines can be medically equipped for testing. The idea behind them is that through videoconferencing on a mobile unit an offsite doctor can move from room to room seeing patients and providing care.

Take Total Control of Your Android with 5 Best Apps for Rooting
We've selected the apps that provide the best and safest options for rooting your device. Rooting your phone means having a fresh start with your operating system. With these rooting apps you can gain root control to any specific aspect of your operating system. Gain control of your phone on a system level with these efficient rooting apps.

7 Apps Every Lighting Tech Needs On Your Mobile Device
The key to a smooth lighting production is in your hands. These 7 mobile apps are a must have for every lighting professional.

How to Determine Digital Signage ROI
Commercial integrators should help you quantify the business case for dynamic digital signage displays, creating calculations for ROI that justify the expense.

7 Tips for Buying a Digital Signage Flat Panel Display
7 buying tips for what you need to know in choosing a digital signage flat panel display for corporate, retail, schools and other commercial environments. Commercial or consumer grade? A commercial monitor can be mounted landscape or in portrait mode, whereas consumer televisions cannot. Find out more about the differences.

Intelligent Building Management is Fast Becoming the Way to Save Money
Intelligent use of lighting control, occupancy and vacancy sensors are making energy management a feasible and even necessary aspect of your building. Hardware and software from companies such as Lutron, AMX, Crestron, Johnson Controls and others make this possible.

What is Control & Automation? What Gets Controlled?
Control your A/V devices and lighting remotely and save time, trouble, energy, and money.

Guidelines for Sizing Digital Signage Displays
Learn how to properly size your digital signage display to gain the most benefit.

The 12 Most Popular Audio Apps
Read SPL levels, analyze RTA and FFT, balance sound systems and more with these helpful apps. Browse apps from RadonSoft, Andrew Smith, Faber Acoustical, LLC, Electron Chaos, ES INC, Slava Barouline, ONYX Apps, Smart Tools Co., and Performance Audio.

Avid Studio App for iPad — Edit Video Like a Real Pro
The undeniable granddaddy of professional video editing software is Avid — going all the way back to the days of — film. Getting time on an Avid editing system in a video production house can cost a couple of hundred dollars an hour. The Avid Studio iPad app is only $4.99.

The 12 Most Popular Video Apps
Twelve video apps that are sure to make great additions to your A/V tool belt. This collection features apps from Dynamark Media Inc, Konex AV Inc, Barock Produktion AB, Bart von Stiphout, Neodarque, Alford Media Services, Inc, WebWorx, CrosstCause, TInSys Inc, UploadStudio Ltd, and D!HV Lighting. From LED pattern tests to projector throw calculators and a lot of functions in between, these mobile video apps are efficient and necessary.