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Inovonics and Mercury Partner to Offer Integrated Access Control Solution with Mobile Duress.
Inovonics and Mercury partner for joint security venture that allows Mercury and its OEM partners to incorporate Inovonics mobile duress system within its access control platform.

The Internet of Things and Security: Will Cisco Hold the Answer?
Cisco is offering $300,000 to the top blueprint to help push the Internet of things model forward as a safe and viable model for the private and public sector. According to Cisco in a prepared statement, of the $300,000 there will be prizes ranging from $50,000 to $75,000, roughly producing about 6 different winning blueprints for the company to pursue. The contest is open to participants around the world and will provide much needed security for industries ranging from manufacturing to the smart grid.

AWeber Communications’ Lighting Control Makes for Happy Employees
AWeber Communications is a forward-thinking company that has shown that one can improve employee productivity by giving them a well-it, fun place to work. Their Lutron control solution place a big part in their success.

Take the 2014 Emergency Notification Survey
A survey for those involved in mass notification and emergency planning.

Google Acquires Nest for $3.2 Billion
Google moves into the home automation arena.

Goodbye, Incandescent Light Bulbs
40W and 60W incandescent bulbs are being phased out of commercial and consumer use beginning Jan. 1, 2014.

Lutron and Siemens Enter Joint Energy-efficiency Initiative for Commercial Buildings
Lutron Electronics manufacturers of wireless light and shade control, and the Building Technologies Division of Siemens Industry, Inc., developer of energy-efficient and environment-friendly buildings and infrastructures, today announced their collaborative development effort to help make commercial buildings more energy efficient.

Crestron Announces New Energy-saving Occupancy Sensors
Crestron released new new GLS-OIR-C-CN occupancy sensors that reduce energy costs and enhance Crestron lighting and environmental controls.

Health Care Facility Automation 101 - Learn How to Save Thousands to Millions of Dollars Every Year
Building owners are saving thousands to millions of dollars every year by deploying building automation. Automation systems control a group of interlinked networks and devices, each of which monitors, manages, and controls one aspect of a facility’s core operations, services, and utilities. The facility could be corporate offices, K-12, college or university campuses, health care, hotels, retail spaces, commercial, industrial, institutional, scientific, or increasingly, residential. The range of systems is vast, spanning electrical, HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, security, safety, telecommunications and transportation (elevators and escalators).

Lutron Releases New Fabric Collection App
Lutron’s new app allows users to explore fabric options for motorized shading solutions, order samples, access sales tools and more.

Extron Announces Two Input XTP Wallplate Transmitter for Digital and Analog Signals
Extron Electronics introduces the XTP T UWP 302, a two-input XTP wallplate transmitter that for connecting local source devices at a wall or other locations including a lectern or floor box. This XTP transmitter mounts into a standard three-gang junction box, and sends HDMI or RGBHV video, audio, and control up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a single CATx cable. It is HDCP-compliant and supports computer-video to 1920x1200, including HDTV 1080p/60 Deep Color and 2K. The XTP T UWP 302 features automatic switching between inputs with selectable prioritization, and can be powered over the same CATx cable. The XTP T UWP 302 is designed for use in XTP Systems for signal distribution and long-distance transmission between remote endpoints.

Smarter Technology Creates Smarter Workspaces
A combination of daylighting and control and automation technologies will change the way we work. Today there are steps you can take to create a smarter and better workplace. Designing buildings with a great deal of window and open indoor space will help employees reach their goals and save you money.

Telemetrics Unveils New Camera Control Software at WFX 2013
TeleSoft is designed to control Telemetrics heads as well as third party PTZ cameras. Scenes are used to store camera settings that have been optimized for particular lighting; each camera can have 4 scene profiles. In addition to scenes, each camera can have 16 presets with stored preset pan, tilt, zoom, and focus values for a particular shot. When recalling a preset, the users have the option of cutting or fading the shot.The cut feature provides instantaneous transitions to a preset shot while the fade feature provides a gradual transition to a preset shot. The fade transition time can be set to any length between 1 second and 44 seconds. Additional features include IP control via a Telemetrics Device Server (DS-4) for up to 32 cameras and pan/tilt control using Telemetrics Multifunction Joystick Controller (TJP-USB), a PC tablet or laptop computer.

Think A/V Solutions, Not Just Products for Health Care AV/IT Convergence
Steve Greenblatt of Control Concepts discusses how to deliver important A/V services in the atmosphere of AV/IT.

5 Pro Apps for Facility Control and Automation
Integrating control and automation systems in your facility gives you complete control of your mission critical components like HVAC, A/V/L systems and other essential systems like shading. Mobile control and automation apps give you control over the systems that you depend on in you facility, no matter where you are. Great control apps communicate with all features offered by your control system. With complete control over your system, you can ensure that changes and commands can be executed for all of your critical operations.