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Blog: My ‘Automation vs Control’ Pet Peeve
Integrator Mark Coxon explains the very important between control and automation, two terms that are often confused and abused.

TechDecisions Media is Growing Fast
Since its launch in January 2012, over 35,000 A/V and IT decision makers have accessed the six editorial sites that comprise TechDecisions Media within the corporate, hospitality, higher education, K-12, worship, and healthcare vertical markets, says Cindy Davis, editor-in-chief of TechDecisions Media.

Streaming Video Gaining a Unique Foothold in the Funeral Industry
Tim Tuntland of Litehouse LLC has created a new business offering in which he offers stream video production for funerals.

How to Successfully Implement an EMR/EHR Project
Take a 50,000 foot view of a project that will ultimately be incredibly detailed.

A Little Videoconferencing Training and Etiquette Goes a Long Way
Users should be prepared a head of time so they feel comfortable with videoconferencing technology.

Streaming Video Online for Health Care Gets Better, Faster and Cheaper
For quick and small projects, the free and low-cost Web video services are surprisingly flexible and robust for your health care video needs.

Future Tech—The Health Care Facility to Come
A Path to Problems or a Smooth Transition.

Consultants Versus Design/Build Integrators: The Down Side
Making that all important decision whether to hire a design consultant or to go with a design/build integrator depends on a careful evaluation of what could go wrong.

AT&T Makes Available a Telepresence Calculator
Visitors can calculate money and carbon footprint savings.

Are MEMS the Word at CES This Year?
Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems or MEMS are making a buzz at this years Consumer Electronics Show.

Who Needs an iPad App?
Health Care TechDecisions was designed with today and the future in mind.

Welcome to Healthcare TechDecisions!
Welcome to Healthcare TechDecisions. We’re a new website devoted to, CTOs, IT administrators and all of the decision makers in charge of A/V and IT integration in their health care facilities.

Is This the End of Analog?
Analog is on its way out; administrators who have resisted the switch to digital are running out of time.

The Benefits of Telemedicine
More hospitals are looking to telemedicine to provide life-saving care.

Immersive Telepresence: Who Are You Going to Call?
Most immersive telepresence systems will connect today, but ensuring that stellar immersive feeling may take some work.