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A CTS’s Perspective: Battling Hurricane Sandy With and Without Technology
Learn how Christopher Neto, CTS, prepared for Hurricane Sandy and helped his clients recover from the disaster.

CES 2013: 8 Mobile Products that are Turning Heads
CES 2013 is the talk of the Internet. Check out products from Mozilla Firefox, The Eye Tribe, Sony, Tethercell, Plastic Logic, Intel, HAPIlabs, Parrot and Expect Labs, that will take the mobile device to a new level.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the TechDecisions Edit Team!

TechDecisions Editor Reviews iPhone 5 - Day 1 Product Review
Check out the Day 1, iPhone 5 product review from TechDecisions, editor-in-chief Cindy Davis. My iPhone 5 arrived by UPS on Friday. I was anxious to test a few things right away. Google Maps had been taken away and I wanted to know if the Tom Tom replacement was going to work. I also wanted to make sure my favorite apps were going to still work and see if iOS 6 had changed things for the better or worse. I am going to test the feather-light design, speed, and the new turn-by-turn Apple Maps app.

Top Trends in Digital Signage
Jason Kuisel, the managing partner at Innovative Markets, a digital signage company, offers some basic solutions to effective digital signage.

Product Review: Planar Systems Launches Helium, 27-inch Multi-touch Monitor in Time for Windows 8
TechDecisions editor-in-chief says she took to the Planar Helium, 27-inch multi-touch desktop monitor and Windows 8 like a two-year-old to an iPad.

Blog: Claiming Mindshare—Doing Business in Today’s Economy
As the economy moves forward, it’s time to reassess who you are doing business with and how you are managing these relationships.

Blog: Don’t Forget We Need to Learn Basics in the A/V Industry.
Other industries -- like IBEW, ASHRE, and AIA -- insist on certifications and credentials. Indeed, you need them in order to get a job. The A/V industry, despite education offered by NSCA and InfoComm, does not have such requirements.

Blog: Technical Specs: Is the Truth Out There?
Technical specifications often contain incorrect or misleading information. You have to do a little investigating and some networking to discover the truth about what you are buying.

Obamacare Boosts the Need for Digital Menus
New laws and innovations in digital signage are changing the entire dining experience.

Blog: Measure AND Listen
You must have reference data and a plan for listening and comparing when measuring the performance of a sound system.

A Room that Allows Perfect Sound? Let Me Know When You Find One
To create the best sound system for a room: ascertain as precisely as feasible the specific functionality that is needed and start with the assumption that you won’t be getting what you really want from the physical space. Plan to create workarounds and cost effective solutions to the problems you simply cannot fix.

Introducing Frederick J. Ampel, TechDecisions, Chief AV Advisor
Introducing Frederick J. Ampel, TechDecisions, Chief AV Advisor. We have come to depend on Frederick’s expertise so much that we decided to make his presence more formal. In his new advisory role as TechDecisions, Chief Audio Adviser, Frederick will be sounding off in a weekly blog as well as answering any of your audio questions, contributing articles and vetting all things audio.

Blog: Digital Signage and…Puppies?
Creating and managing content, and financing the cost of replacement or repair work, all these things are involved in the cost of digital signage.

Blog: The Evil Empire of the Marketing Department
Product press releases always make bold claims. That's a doubled edged sword.